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Boost Converter with PID Control and Load Variation

version (20.4 KB) by Abdul Basit Mirza
This file simulates a Boost Converter in closed loop with PID Control along with dynamic load.


Updated 28 Aug 2017

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In simulating DC-DC Converters, the scenario that comes into mind is what happens to the output of the converter when the load suddenly changes. However, most of the design available simulated one fixed load. This simulation file allows user to dynamically change the load by varying the value of on/ off delay resistor. The on/off delay has been implemented using an ideal mosfet which act as a switch (relay is not available in Simcape Specialized Technology). They delay time can be set by configuring the delay block and the transient behavior can be seen in the scope (Load Voltage and Current). Furthermore, the reference voltage can be changed and PID can be tuned according to the desired response.

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Abdul Basit Mirza (2019). Boost Converter with PID Control and Load Variation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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