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Sunrise Sunset

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Rising and setting times of the Sun and the Moon and twilight times


Updated 19 Mar 2019

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Year, month, day, lambda (Geographic east longitude of the observer in [deg]), phi (Geographic latitude of the observer in [deg]), zone (local time - universal time in [hour]) and twilight (Indicates civil, nautical or astronomical twilight) are received, then rising and setting times of the Moon and the Sun and twilight times are computed.
Positions of the Sun and the Moon are computed using Jet Propulsion Laboratory Development Ephemeris (DE430).
east longitude and latitude of the observer can be found in:
local time - universal time is available here (daylight saving time is considered):

Montenbruck O., Pfleger T.; Astronomy on the Personal Computer; Springer Verlag, Heidelberg; 4th edition (2000).

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Description, references and JPL_Eph_DE430.m are updated. Moreover, DE430Coeff.mat full matrix is now available in the following link:

Accuracy is improved by modification of SinAlt.m.

DE405 (planetary and lunar ephemerides) is replaced by DE430.

SinAlt.m is updated.

Revised on 2017-02-25.

Revised on 2016-11-28.

Revised on November 09, 2016.

Description is updated.

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