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Analyzing the Sun's Path

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Solar Position Tracking and the Analemma Phenomenon


Updated 20 Apr 2020

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The position of the sun is an afterthought for most, unless it is blinding you on your commute home. However, the position of the sun remains incredibly important, even in the modern age. While solar navigation through sextants was common until GPS came along, architects/engineers still track the sun for building shading and solar panel optimization. This script dives into the "analemma" which is an interesting phenomenon associated with solar observations. Try testing different latitudes to see how the sun's trajectory changes and what the analemma looks like!

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Jonathan LeSage (2021). Analyzing the Sun's Path (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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james Amodie

Francisc Nazar

Does this work for the southern hemisphere?

delfino enriquez

Prasanth Reddy

Prasanth Reddy

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