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Original FCM for image segmentation

version (103 KB) by Nicolas Yu
It's original FCM for image segmentation applications


Updated 18 Oct 2013

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It is original FCM for image segmentation. FCM is very sensitive to noise.

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Gautam Kumar

Can you explain why you are maximizing objective function value?

Hello, your comment is not in english. It hard for me to understand it.Can you at least give me the algorithm? Please mail me at

Anurag Vij

I am getting error of Maximum Recursion Limit of 500 reached.Can you suggest how to go about it?

Hi, I'm trying to understand your code but the comments are not in English..Can you at least give me the algorithm? Please mail me at


can i know the base paper for this matlab code?


Can this also be implemented on 3D MRI volumes? Thanks!

some comment in the coding can't be read in english. can you explain more on the algorithm flow?

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