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PD control of quadrotor

version (120 KB) by Abdel-Razzak
PD controller of the AscTec Pelican quadrotor UAV using MATLAB


Updated 28 Jan 2013

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The program here reads the gains of the PD controller of the AscTec Pelican quadrotor UAV and use them to control the quadrotor for the desired height, roll, pitch, and yaw angles. The step responses start at different instants. Comparison values (Overshoot, Rise time and SS error) are provided for all variables.

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hello sir,
please can you give me your adress e-mail i need to contact you.
thank you

hd vf


Dear sir,
I can't download the file!
Can you help me?
my email:


Thank you Mr. Khang for your comment. You are absolutely right concerning the completeness of the model. In my new model, I am using Sliding Mode Control (more robust) and a nonlinear Kalman filter for state estimation. Noise relevant to real noise is also added to both displacement and attitude values. I am planning to post the new model as soon as I publish all my papers.


I would like to thank for your contribution, but i would like to make a remark, the model you used for the Quadrotor, is the model for to be used for controllers, thus you needed a more complete model to test the real effect of the PID controller

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