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PID control of PUMA560 robot

version (2.95 KB) by Abdel-Razzak
a MATLAB code for a PID controller of 3 DOF PUMA560 robot


Updated 31 Mar 2016

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The Dynamics of the robot are taken from:
Brian Armstrong, Oussama Khatib & Joel Burdick , “The Explicit Dynamic Model and Inertial Parameters of the PUMA 560 Arm” , Stanford University, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, IEEE 1986

Although Uncertainty is not added, adding uncertainty is easy (check the paper).

I couldn't find such a program in the internet, so I learned using the ODE function and I have written this program. It's opened for your advises.

I still have a small problem concerning the derivative and the integral error, perhaps I have to multiply and dicide by the time division.

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Abdel-Razzak (2019). PID control of PUMA560 robot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Try to change the "ode15s" solver; for example use the "ode15", it worked with me.

Good luck.

Karan Goyal

i am not able to run this program . i am getting an error
" Undefined function 'PID_PUMA_fn' for input arguments of type 'double'.''


thank you



BSD licence update

The error function is changed

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PID control of PUMA560 robot - my code/