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@activex\subsref.m & @activex\subsasgn.m

version (1.12 KB) by Aaron Sheldon
Extended design time subscripting for ActiveX objects, properties and methods.


Updated 01 Aug 2002

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The @activex\subsref.m and @activex\subsasgn.m functions were modified so that methods could be invoked with '.' field subsripting and '()' subscripting was enabled. Unfortunately a try...catch statement had to be used, minus ten points for bad style. In revising subsref only cell array '{}' supports multiple copies of an object, as array subscripting '()' is reserved for method and property calls. Finally subsasgn doesn't have the most robust error trapping but it works as it should be expected to.

UnWinZip then overwrite
..\@acitvex\subsasgn.m and
then code way like you would in any MS VisualStudio IDE.

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