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Circle Clock

version (6.03 KB) by Joseph Kirk
displays clock time using circles


Updated 22 Jun 2017

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Displays the current clock time using 5 eccentric circles
o Red circle is fixed
o Blue circle moves with hours
o Green circle moves with minutes
o Purple circle moves with seconds
o Black cirlce moves with fractional seconds

Click on 'File' -> 'Exit' to close the figure window
Click on 'File' -> 'Latch Time' to clamp circles to integer seconds
Click on 'Display' -> 'Time' to view the clock time string
Click on 'Display' -> 'Hour Marks' to view hour tick marks

% Start the clock

Comments and Ratings (3)

li baozi

it's the one that i need。

The Author

Update: I reworked this clock to use nested functions and a timer. Now the user doesn't have to close the window to work on other things. I also added a menu that toggles the time display.

Behnood Gholami

The original circle clock is back in the file exchange. I had to remove it since it didn't let me to add the missing file.


More description updates

Modified description

Updated with fractional second circle and new menu options

Reworked to use nested functions and a timer function. Now user doesn't have to close the window to work on other things. Also added a time display toggle menu.

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Created with R2017a
Compatible with any release
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