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Dragon Curve (aka Jurassic Park Fractal)

version (50.1 KB) by Joseph Kirk
Plots user specified variations of the Dragon Curve


Updated 04 Mar 2016

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The Dragon Curve is a fractal that was made famous in Jurassic Park, a novel by Michael Crichton.
This file calculates and plots the Dragon Curve. The user is encouraged to make their own variations of the fractal by experimenting with the following options:
(1) Initial starting shape
(2) Angle of rotation
(3) Number of fractal iterations
The m-file (dragon_curve.m) also automatically limits the size of the fractal to prevent the user from attempting to generate a fractal that uses an excessive amount of memory.

DISCLAIMER: This script can be a bit addicting! :)

Comments and Ratings (6)

how to put animation on the dracon curve?

kjsdg sdf

Это просто ахуенно! Огромное спасибо автору.


alaa taha

good work

walter harding


ed churchill

i love it


MathWorks update: Added Live Script.

Removed rotateByAngle.m (included those lines as part of the fractal generating script

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Created with R2016a
Compatible with any release
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