Synchronous TDM Simulation

version 1.0.0 (25.6 KB) by Jose Jimenez
A sub-system based Simulink model is presented to simulate the Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing process in communication systems.


Updated 7 Oct 2021

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Four sine signals are time-division-multiplexed through an ideal channel. Three subsystems are present in the model:
1. MUX: Consists of a level-controlled multiport switch that passes the four signals to a Sample and Hold block to create the transmitted series of slots.
2. DEMUX: Consists of a series of switches controlled by the same level logic as the MUX block that pass each signal slot to a single wire.
3. Filtering: This subsystem is extracted from Abhilash Singh's TDM Simulink model and its function is to recover the analog signals.
*Note: MUX's signal "Sync" is the multilevel signal used for message/channel selection.
ABHILASH SINGH (2021). Time Division Multiplexing of four signals using simulink (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved October 7, 2021.

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