Solution 2254740

Submitted on 4 May 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
s1 = 'The all day meetings will continue until we learn why productivity is so low'; s2_correct = 'The all day will we learn why is so low'; assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

s2 = 'The all day will we learn why is so low'

2   Fail
s1 = 'I am perpetually perplexed my big brain notwithstanding'; s2_correct = 'I am my big brain'; assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

Index exceeds the number of array elements (20). Error in just_short_words (line 20) if A(k+1)==32 Error in Test2 (line 3) assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

3   Fail
s1 = 'Lazy gravy calico sky ipso facto sweet potato pie'; s2_correct = 'sky sweet pie'; assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

s2 = ' sky sweet pie'

Assertion failed.