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Submitted on 22 Jul 2018
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
teams={'Russia','Saudi Arabia', 'Egypt', 'Uruguay', 'Portugal', 'Spain','Morocco','Iran',... 'France','Australia', 'Peru','Denmark', 'Brazil', 'Switzerland', 'Costa Rica', 'Serbia', ... 'Germany', 'Mexico', 'Sweden', 'STH Korea', 'Belgium', 'Panama', 'Tunisia', 'England' , ... 'Argentina','Iceland', 'Croatia', 'Nigeria', 'Poland', 'Senegal', 'Colombia', 'Japan'}; d=false; for i=1:numel(teams) if strcmp(Worldcup2018winner(),teams{i}) d=true; break; end end assert(d)

Out of memory. The likely cause is an infinite recursion within the program. Error in Worldcup2018winner (line 8) if strcmp(Worldcup2018winner(),teams{i})

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