Problem 42341. LMI Twins : Fuzzy Image matching

Solution 889756

Submitted on 13 May 2016 by Tim
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
% obfuscated check function tic fh = fopen('Eval_Twins.p','wb'); fwrite(fh, hex2dec(reshape('7630312E30307630302E30300002901CC14FDFB100000081000000D80000012A48DF9D54B1FA232306002212C284B03C55EA944CADBBEC102FFDF678B732282B51740342451D4E91F086ABE90CD97AEA717741F995FCF6ED6A372B6C44524D61F2179DA76458DBA2B9AA01529272E90AD613EA63642EEECCDE54CD649A84090DE86A418D761593CBABBD4B17018634CA5451EA6A6F4386B000CBE73A136AFE2CE5946FD8FD16225562B3414B8C6268F085E3E3E8F1CFCFBBA469FCC5E0343472A562EAD16FFC1B7D27730414ECC1D42F6EB98289E998DA2EA3F4F820A10F9B23E296CDE97331C46563B702180857770F7A14412389BC1BA2',2,[]).')); fclose(fh); rehash path; toc

Elapsed time is 0.042657 seconds.

2   Pass
tic url=''; urlwrite(url,'Twins.PNG'); fprintf('url write complete %.1f\n',toc) fn='Twins.PNG'; m=LMI_Twins(fn); assert(Eval_Twins(m)); fprintf('Process Complete %.1f\n',toc)

url write complete 0.6 Process Complete 5.4

3   Pass
% Creation Process for a Cody p file % Create function func_name.m % pcode func_name % fn='func_name.p'; % fr=fopen(fn,'r'); % m=fread(fr); % fclose(fr); % fw=fopen([fn(1:end-1) 'txt'],'w'); % fprintf(fw,'%s',dec2hex(m)'); % fclose(fw); % use wordpad to open func_name.txt % In cody in first block write: % fh = fopen('func_name.p','wb'); % fwrite(fh, hex2dec(reshape('INSERT WORDPAD TEXT HERE',2,[]).')); % fclose(fh); % rehash path;

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