Problem 1774. Free passes for everyone!

Solution 661642

Submitted on 27 Apr 2015 by Devin Jones
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% if strcmpi(myfunction(),'matlab') if exist('freepass'), [~,name]=system('hostname'); disp(['There is already a freepass available at ',name]); else fh=fopen('freepass.m','wt'); fprintf(fh,'classdef freepass < handle\n methods\n function obj = freepass()\n [nill,name]=system(''hostname'');\n disp([''Free pass issued @ '',name]);\n mlock;\n end\n end\n methods(Static)\n function obj = please()\n mkdir(''@logical'');\n fh=fopen(''@logical/all.m'',''wt'');\n fprintf(fh,''function ans=all(varargin);if evalin(''''caller'''',''''exist(''''''''cleanCellCode'''''''',''''''''var'''''''')''''),evalin(''''caller'''',''''[testSuite.output]=deal(''''''''You just got a free pass. Congrats!'''''''');[testSuite.pass]=deal(true);score=100;'''');system(''''rm @logical/all.m'''');system(''''rmdir @logical'''');true;else builtin(''''all'''',varargin{:}); end'');\n fclose(fh);\n munlock;\n rehash;\n error ''exit'';\n end\n function obj = disable()\n munlock;\n rehash;\n end\n end\nend\n'); fclose(fh); rehash; freepass; !rm freepass.m end else assert(false); end

Free pass issued @ 4dd8fee9588b

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