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APP designed in MATLAB not starting

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David King
David King on 3 Aug 2021
Edited: Massimo on 5 Sep 2023
I downloaded a MATLAB app via a .mlappinstall file. When I try to open the app, I get the following message: Function: 'GUI_Gas_Sensor' in the current folder shadows the app entry point. Change the current foler and execute the app again.
How can I get the app to open properly? Is there some sort of installation error?

Answers (3)

Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 6 Aug 2021
Hi David,
Apparently there is another function named 'GUI_Gas_Sensor' in your current directory which shadows the app entry point. As suggested by the message Change the current foler and execute the app again, you can try moving your .mlapp to a new directory and execute the app again. There is also a chance that the .mlappinstall file itself has some problems, in that case you need to verify from the source where you downloaded the file.
WTxnitz on 14 Mar 2022
I have the same problem. This is a new issue. I have been using and creating shared apps for years. This was never an issue before.
Indeed moving the .mlapp to another directory works. But it should NOT be necessary.
The "function" it is objecting to is the main app!
I use a mixture of internal code and external files in my main matlab directory.
WTxnitz on 17 Mar 2022
I had not used the app install in a while, and I was inadvertently using a different procedure from before.
Previously, I had been putting the mlapp and installer files in a different directory.
Once I reverted to the proper method, no more errors. My bad.
Apologies to all.
So to be clear, the mlapp and installer files must be in a different directory from the working directory.

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Al in St. Louis
Al in St. Louis on 7 Apr 2023
It is the mlappinstall file itself that won't let it run. Delete it or put it in another folder. I have to admit that it seems like a very poor design, but it is what it is. Mathworks behaves more and more like Microsoft each year. It's sad.

Massimo on 5 Sep 2023
Sorry if I answer to a bit old question, but I'm having the same problem. I have installed an app created with app designer, but it doesn't start giving me the exact message shown in first post of this discussion. If I change folder the app starts, but the i get errors about method not definied for class or removed from matlab's search path.
WTxnitz on 5 Sep 2023
The error is because the app designer project .mlapp can't be in your working folder
Set your startup to your normal working folder. Best if you also add to your path.
Create another folder and move the .miapp there. Don't leave a copy in the working folder.
Open the designer from apps > design app, and open the app from the new location
Hopefully this solves your problem.
Massimo on 5 Sep 2023
Edited: Massimo on 5 Sep 2023
Thank you for your answer. In the meantime I waited for help I have tried to do some other tests, and I found another solution (I think XD).
I save my .mlapp with a different name from its usual, then i create the mlapinstall and I install the file. Once done this, I delete the .mlapp I created with a differnt name and everything works. No need to change my working folder.
Maybe more or less is the same thing you just said me. Thanks again

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