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Running Cosimulation with QuestaSim

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Heston Jayasinghe
Heston Jayasinghe on 29 Jul 2021
Edited: Heston Jayasinghe on 2 Aug 2021
According to much of the documation and examples, the cosimulation features should be utilizable with QuestaSim as well as ModelSim. However, I only have QuestaSim (specifically version 2019.3) installed on my machine; when I try running the "vsim" command, I trigger the error that ModelSim is not installed. I'd rather not install ModelSim unless I absolutely have to for this effort; is there an option I can utilize to have MATLAB search for QuestaSim instead of ModelSim, or is there a configuration I would have to do?
Heston Jayasinghe
Heston Jayasinghe on 2 Aug 2021
Hello Bharath,
Thank you for the reply!
So I have configured the PATH environmental variable to include the executable files folder, "C:\Apps\mgc\questasim64_2019.3\win64".
Even after that, I was still getting the same error in MATLAB 2019b. However, I just now tried vsim in MATLAB 2021a without any additional steps, and it worked completely fine. Is it possible that the version of Questa I'm trying to use is incompatible with the earlier MATLAB version?
Edit: scratch all that. Suddenly now it's working with MATLAB 2019b too. I assume it updated throughly once I reset my machine.

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