Printing row of maximum value of a column

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I am processing image data for an experiment I have where i try to track the centroid of laser beam on a detector.
I was able to extract the data and process them to find the areas of all shapes in the image and to find all their centroid. The centroid has two coordinates X and Y. I have created an array that has 3 columns, where the columns are area of each shape and the coordinate of its centeroidm as following: 'Area', 'X','Y'. I have used the following code:
directory = 'C:\Users\anask\Desktop\test\';
files = dir([directory '/*.jpg']);
[~,index] = sortrows({}.'); files = files(index); clear index;
auxx = [];
auxy = [];
for x = 1: numel(files)
A= imread([directory '/' files(x).name]);
%Convert the image ino binary image
Ibw = im2bw(A);
%Fill image regions and holes
Ibw = imfill(Ibw,'holes');
Ilabel = bwlabel(Ibw);
%find the centroid
stat = regionprops(Ibw,'Area','Centroid'); %Note here stat is a struct array
Till here I have the stat array that has Area and Centroid coorinate but for all images and I want it to apply the following processing to every image
%Creating new array that have Area, X-coordinate, Y-coordinate
area = cat(1,stat.Area)
Coor = cat(1,stat.Centroid)
%Combaining the results in one Array
Array = cat(2,area,Coor)
%Adding a header to the array
header = {'Area','x','y'};
Array = [header; num2cell(Array)];
Then I want to append in a new matrix or Array that has the whole row of max 'Area' from every image.
Can someone help me please?

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