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Turn off the plot of findpeaks function

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Hello everyone,
I am using to analyse a set of spectra with the findpeaks function included in the Signla Processing Toolbox. I am interested in calculating the width and the prominence of the peaks identified by the function as well as their location and value. However, I just want the function to compute these values, but I do not want the function to plot the signal with the details of each one of the peaks. Is there a way to turn the plot off?
Thanks in advance!

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KSSV on 15 Jun 2021
You might be simply using the function findpeaks with data as input. Take the output.
data = [25 8 15 5 6 10 10 3 1 20 7];
findpeaks(data) % this will plot the figure
pks = findpeaks(data) % this will not plot
pks = 1×3
15 10 20
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Sara Cecilia Abecia Hernanz
That was it! I just revised my code and I had forgotten to delete a call to the findpeaks function without any outputs, as you said. Thank you and have a great day :D

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