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How to make gTruth objects from pixelLabel​ImageDatas​tore?

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Hellow all,
I 'm prepairing pixel-label data for a semantic segmentation.
I made png files (m*n uint8) as a pixelLabel data without using ImageLabelar app.
I semi-automatically made these files with an algolism including cutting off by threshold and watershed segmentation.
I was able to make a pixelLabelImageDatastore with the code below, but I want to modify the pixelLabel data now.
I want to use ImageLabelar app for the modification.
How can I make gTruth object from pixelLabelImageDatastore?
Or is there any substitution to modify the pixelLabelImageDatastore with ImageLabelar?
Any help will be appreciated.
pxds = pixelLabelDatastore(location,classNames,pixelLabelIDs);
imds = imageDatastore(location2);
pximds = pixelLabelImageDatastore(imds,pxds);

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