App Designer Slider changing value and Numerical Boxes Popping Up

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Hi, I have tab on my GUI where i have a slider and the user slides the slider to a number between 0-5. And according to the number they have slid to, they would press a button and then numerical boxes would open for them to inut the values.
For example; if they slid the slider to 0 then no boxes would open to input the inof and if they slid to 3 then 3 numerical boxes would open.
How would i go by programming this with callbacks ?

Answers (1)

Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 23 Apr 2021
You can use the 'Value Changed' callback of a slider in MATLAB appdesigner. For the numerical boxes, you could use a 'Numerical Edit Field' with the appropriate 'Limits'. You can toggle the property 'Visible' of 'Numerical Edit Field' to display the appropriate number of Edit Fields. For more information on the UI components in appdesigner, refer to this documentation link.
Hope this helps


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