I can't plot this 3D matrix despite looking at other examples

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I have attached the data I have here.
Despite looking at other examples, I can't plot the 4x4x4 3D matrix peak_psp. It contains values for every combination of each value contained in the other three 1x4 vectors. The 3D matrix has the following dimensions:
1 ScaleTiming as 1st dimension
2 GexScale as 2nd dimension
3 GinScale as 3rd dimension
I have tried using surf and contour 3, but without any luck.

Answers (1)

J Chen
J Chen on 14 Apr 2021
The matrix has 3 independent variables. 3D plots using surf can only have 2 independent variable. You need to general 4 3D figures. Try this
[X,Y] = meshgrid(GexScale,GinScale);
s1 = surf(GexScale,GinScale,peak_psp(:,:,1));
s2 = surf(GexScale,GinScale,peak_psp(:,:,2));
You can animate the figures if you want.

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