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Indexing (or maybe cellfun?) problem - appending numbers from a vector to rows/cols of cell array

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Hi Suppose I have a cell array of doubles....
a = { [1] [2] [3] ; [4] [5] [6] }
If I also have a vector....
b = {[6] [7] [8]}
How can I 'append' the vector to a row of the array, so that I end up with...
a = { [1,6] [2,7] [3,8] ; [4] [5] [6] }
I know I could use loops, but in reality a is multidimensional, and both a and b are very large, so the problem is that this takes several hours (in nested loops) at the moment. (I suspect that this may be a matter of clever use of cellfun and maybe a custom inline function, rather than indexing though...but I just can't figure it!) Cheers, Arwel

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 13 Jun 2013
a(1,:) = cellfun(@(x,y)[x,y],a(1,:),b,'un',0)

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