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How to write helper functions in Lidar 3-D object detections

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Can anyone help me with the getting these helper functions in matlab, cropFrontViewFromLidarData helper function, saveptCldToPCD helper function, generateGTDataForAugmentation helper function, groundTruthDataAugmentation helper function,
Ramya Sivanandham
Ramya Sivanandham on 23 Sep 2021
Thank you @Shahana Bano. I have tried this function. But im getting some parse error. If possible, could you help me to solve this issue?
rror using (line 29)
Error using ReadFcn @(x)pcread(x) for file:
C:\ .....\Lidar_Dataset\Pandaset\Lidar\0472.pcd
Error using visionPcdRead
Internal file parsing error. Please see the documentation for more details.
Error in pcread (line 99)
properties = visionPcdRead(filename,requiredProperties,optionalProperties);
Error in main_Lidar>@(x)pcread(x) (line 33)
lidarData = fileDatastore(path,'ReadFcn',@(x) pcread(x));
Error in cropFrontViewFromLidarData (line 17)
ptCloud = read(lidarData);
Error in main_Lidar (line 83)
[croppedPointCloudObj,processedLabels] = cropFrontViewFromLidarData(lidarData,boxLabels,gridParams);
29 [data, info] =,e);
473 throwAsCaller(ME);
Ramya Sivanandham
Ramya Sivanandham on 23 Sep 2021
Though, that particular file is available in that path, this error still exists...

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Accepted Answer

Mahesh Taparia
Mahesh Taparia on 29 Mar 2021
Edited: Mahesh Taparia on 30 Mar 2021
The helper functions are shipped with the example. You can check the helper functions in the example folder by using command mentioned in that particular example. In your case, you are referring to this pointPillars example, whose command is present at the right side of the documentation (as View MATLAB Command), which is given below:
Run this command, it will redirect to respective folder where all the associated functions are present.
Hope it will help!

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