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Add cartesian axes to polarscatter?

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I would like to know if t's possible to add cartesian axes onto a polar scatter plot like in this picture.
Haven't found any solution for this problem.
Thank you very much!

Accepted Answer

Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 31 Mar 2021
Hi Maximilian,
You could try the following workaround:
1) You could make use of axes and polaraxes commands and their properties to add to the same figure window as illustrated in the code below:
th = pi/6:pi/6:2*pi;
r1 = rand(12,1);
xl = 'X (mm)';
yl = 'Y (mm)';
axes1 = axes("XLim", [-3 3], "YLim", [-3 3], "Box","on");
axes2 = polaraxes;
axes2.RLimMode = 'manual';
rlim(axes2, [0 0.5]);
hold on
r2 = rand(12,1);
hold off
axes2.Position = [0.165 0.165 0.7 0.7];
You could vary the Position and Units properties of polaraxes to place the polarplot at appropriate place on the figure. The plot for the above code is as follows:
Hope this helps!

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