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Simulink with AWGN channel

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Jozef Vendel
Jozef Vendel on 25 Mar 2021
Answered: Pavan Guntha on 29 Mar 2021
I try to simulate this function: y(t)= Acos(2πfc +) f€<0-1kHz>, €<0,45°>, A=0,5
in simulink via awgn channel, but nowhere did I find a cosine block in simulink where I can enter my parameters, but I tried the waveform generator block, where I wrote these parameters and released this signal via trigonometric function into awgn channel and I saw it on scoope. Do you think it's a bad idea?

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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 29 Mar 2021
Hi Jozef,
You can refer to the documentation of sine wave block in Simulink. It supports the parameters like amplitude, frequency, phase and bias. A possible workaround to use this block is to appropriately add the 90 degree phase offset to the offset value you are interested in to obtain the cosine function from that block (since cosine and sine vary in phase by 90 degrees).
Hope this helps!


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