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How can I get two-tailed inverse of the student's t-distribution?

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So I'd like to use a function that I found in excel - T.INV.2T(1 - (% / 100) , n - 1 ), where n - 1 is the degrees of freedom.
For example: accuracy of measuring = 99.73%, measuring n = 10. With excel function I've got the t = 4.09. How do I get this t number in matlab?
It's for the purpouse of equation:
I tried all different combinations of functions: tinv(), tcdf()...nothing worked. I'm an applied science student and I'm completley new to statistics. I've spent many hours on finding out how to calculate the 'right' student t-distribution. Found one in excel, but can't find the right one in matlab. By the way this is for homework in my physics lab. Hope you can help me.

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 16 Mar 2021
Not sure if this is really what you want, but in MATLAB:
a =
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Josef Hrdlicka
Josef Hrdlicka on 17 Mar 2021
Exactley what I needed! I've actually tried this division by 2 before, but I divided the whole thing (1-(1-.9973))/2 instead of just the one part of it.
Thank you sir.

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