Data Acquisition problem using ADLINK-1901

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I am using ADLINK-1901 to measuring the pressure from the sensor and would like to read the values using matlab but I am getting error. Can anyone help? ADLINK software is 32 bit, matlab 2015a is 32 bit but my window is 64 bit ( I am not sure how to resolve this problem). Read the documents but it just fly over my head
>> AD_AI_DAQPilotFile
Error using analoginput (line 46)
The DAQ Legacy Interface is not supported on this platform. For more information on choosing between DAQ
Legacy Interface and Session-Based Interface, see the documentation on choosing the right interface.
To learn about using data acquisition devices on the win64 platform, see the documentation on the
session-based interface.
Error in AD_AI_DAQPilotFile (line 9)
ai_device = analoginput('mwadlink', 0);

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