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Hi all,
I read different topics about this question, but some links are no longer available and I need to know something, please. In my paper I'm talking about Simscape Multibody, but no info about its citation is present in the relative pages. Assuming a bibitem as the following one (or different one if it is more proper than this):
author = "author",
title = "title",
year = "year",
url = "url",
note = "[note]"
what kind of argument can I insert in each section considering Simscape Multibody at the following link
For example, at this link there si a section named "Cite As" where all the info are available.
What is the better way to do that?
best regards

Accepted Answer

Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 28 Feb 2021
author = {Steve Miller},
url = {},
month = feb,
note = {[Online; accessed Feb 2021]},
title = {Simscape Multibody Contact Forces Library},
year = {2021},
Giacomo Bonafede
Giacomo Bonafede on 28 Feb 2021
My documentation consists of a brief mention of these software and products (MATLAB, Simulink, Simscape Multibody and Contact Forces Library), what they are and what functionalities they have. As you said in the first section I made an element @misc like yours, considering the information I had. They are almost similar, except for the fact I didn't set the note voice. For MATLAB and Simulink I cited the links from Wikipedia which contains a specific section for citing its documents, while for the library the info in the link I posted above in my question (but identical to your first asnwer).
So, thank you very much for the rest of what you wrote, there are so much info!

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