How do I remove all filenames from my cellarray with .m ending, if else how do I save those with .bmp?

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Geeniee on 26 Feb 2021
Commented: Geeniee on 26 Feb 2021
I have saved all filenames in a cell array for a given folder however, I only want it to include the files with ending .bmp.
function filer = filnamn(katalog)
%Ger en cell med de filer som finns i sökta katalog.
filer = dir(katalog);
filer = {filer(~[filer.isdir]).name};
How would I go about doing this?

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Stephen on 26 Feb 2021
Edited: Stephen on 26 Feb 2021
Change the DIR call to specify the file extension:
filer = dir(fullfile(katalog,'*.bmp'));
This is more efficient than getting the entire file content and then removing some names (e.g using contains).

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