Use of brackets while multiplying expression

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E_d=2.6*(((1-alpha)/Ku)^ 1/3)*(Pe^(-2/3));
While using this expression answers comes out be -0.0065 but if 1/3 is taken in bracket the answer changes and result is shown in complex form. Please explain the backend calculation by MATLAB.
BALPARTAP SINGH on 11 Feb 2021
alpha = 0.1198
Ku = -0.173016419
Pe = 17808.22486

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Answers (1)

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 11 Feb 2021
You have
E_d = 2.6*((1-alpha)/Ku)^1/3*Pe^(-2/3)
which only raises the bracketed term to the power 1, then divides the result by 3.
If you had
E_d = 2.6*((1-alpha)/Ku)^(1/3)*Pe^(-2/3)
you would be raising the bracketed term to the power 1/3, which would result in a complex number (because of the negative value of Ku).

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