Modeling a simple beam as a flexible body on Simscape

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Goutham Sajja
Goutham Sajja on 11 Feb 2021
Hello All,
  • I have modeled the beam as a flexible body.
  • I have chosen the appropriate boundary nodes, mapped them into interface frames in the Simscape environment.
  • From the model order reduction, I have obtained the various matrices like the Mass, stiffness and damping.
  • Depending on the boundary node/interface frame which will be chosen as the reference frame, I have considered the Rigid body modes, by removing the appropriate elements from the matrices.
  • Obtained the statespace system comprising the deformation model by deducing A,B,C and D matrices
  • I have superimposed the rigid body model and the developed deformation model
  • Ran the simulation which gave me the following error
I will also attach the following script file and the simscape model file.
I kindly request you to help me decode the error in the model and oblige.
Thanks and Regards,
Goutham Sajja

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