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ZK on 25 Apr 2013
I would like to create a multiple statement in loop if containing an 'or' and 'and'. Is this possible to have a few && and 'or' in one statement? Like:
if A>2 && [(B1>Z && B2<Z) or (C1>Z && C2<Z)]

Accepted Answer

Jan on 25 Apr 2013
Edited: Jan on 25 Apr 2013
While the combination of && and || works properly, creating a vector by the square brackets is most likely not wanted.
if A>2 && ((B1>Z && B2<Z) || (C1>Z && C2<Z))
Note that the variables must be scalar for && and ||, otherwise use and() or or(), or the eqivalent & and | operators.
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ZK on 25 Apr 2013
Thanks for tips, working fine.

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