How to use least square fit in MATLAB to find coefficients of my polynomial?

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I have some experimnetal data for H and I like to use lease square method with matlab to fit my data with my polynomial (attached file is polynomial)
Ci is the atomic fraction of element. i have 5 elements .
I have the experimnetla data. how can i use matlab for this least square fit?

Accepted Answer

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 3 Feb 2021
% It sounds like you have data arrays like these:
nPoints = 100;
H = rand(nPoints,1);
C = rand(nPoints,5);
% If so, compute the least square estimates of the a's and b's with this:
Csqr = C.^2;
ab_ests = regress(H,[C Csqr]);
% the first 5 values of ab_ests are the estimates of the a's,
% and the second 5 are the estimates of the b's

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