Channels not updating since license renewal. Error 404 Payment required message

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I have just renewed my license for Thingspeak/Mathworks. I have 5 channels doing various different things and none have logged any data since the renewal.
I get the following error message
The server returned the status 402 with message "Payment Required" in response to the request to URL
Any ideas as to how to resolve this?

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Vinod on 2 Jan 2021
If you renewed your license after the end date, you likely got a new license number. You need to reassociate your channel to this new license number. Log in, go to the channel in question and change the license by selecting the new one from the drop down. Let me know if this does not resolve the issue.

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John Hallam
John Hallam on 2 Jan 2021
It seems to have resolved itself at the same time as the previous answer appeared. There was only one license number visible in the dropdown, so I could not select another. Thanks anyway as all is working again. Strange.
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John Hallam
John Hallam on 2 Jan 2021
Sorry, justt ot say thanks to those who replied. Yes, I had just renewed my license after it had expired. As I say. all is working again. Many thanks.

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