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How can i find P function which i have x and y derivatives.

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My question is numerical
dP/dx=[0 3.82 8.1; 0 3.59 7.74 ; 0 2.82 6.53]
dP/dy=[-1 -1 -1;-4.82 -5.05 -5.64; -8.19 -8.74 -10.14]
How can i find P as matrix.
Finite difference method i tried but i failed.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Sep 2020
integrate dP/dx with respect to x and dP/dy with respect to y, and add them.
The result would be a 3x3 P that is constant * x + constant times y... you can skip the explicit integration because it is so simple.
The derivative of each entry with respect to x would be just its x coefficient.
The derivative of each entry with respect to y would be its y coefficients.
With dx and dy being constant their derivatives would be 0, and the sum of two zeros is zero so the second derivative conditions are met.

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