Comparison of Matlab figures and Paraview screenshots in a Matlab subfigure

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I want to compare my results of Matlab with the results of OpenFoam shown in Paraview. The question is the following: how can I save the results of Paraview in an appropriate format readable for Matlab ? In that possible ? I want to make a subplot figure comparing both. So, is there any command to tight axis for the results of paraview ?
The very simple answer that comes to my mind is to make a screenshot of paraview results and resize the image to the size of its counterpart in Matlab. But how to resize and what format to consider for the screenshop to make it one of the subplot of a matlab figure is the big question.
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 24 Sep 2020
It's a bit hard to compare two simulations with screenshots, as plot options are going to be different on both softwares.
If your discretizations are the same, you could export results (values for pressure/velocity or whatever for all cells/volumes) in .csv (I believe it's possible, I have not used ParaView, also, I heard about .vtk format, maybe you should take a look at it as well) and then plot them in MATLAB.

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