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MATLAB Runtime licensing for a commercial product

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Adi Santoso
Adi Santoso on 14 Sep 2020
Answered: Mohammad Sami on 14 Sep 2020
I've seen answers that using MATLAB Runtime is free when sharing with other computers having no MATLAB software installed, i.e to colleagues on another computer.
Does this apply the same as well if we implement MATLAB Runtime on a commercial product (as part of a product sold in the market) ?
Currently we are working with the following :
  • Matlab r2017b
  • Matlab Component Runtime 9.3
  • Matlab Compiler 6.5
Thank you.


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Answers (1)

Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 14 Sep 2020
From Matlab Website
I believe as long as you have the industry use license for Matlab Compiler, you can distribute your product.
Other license types have restrictions on re-distribution.


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