How to make a grid plot with 3 parameters

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aa on 10 Sep 2020
Commented: aa on 10 Sep 2020
Hi everyone,
May some one help me,
I have data in (x,y,x). I want to plot z in teh grid of x,y with a shift of 0.01
(Detail: I have 85000 values for x, y and Z. Where x is ranging from -129.0 to -131.0 and Y is 45.0 to 47.0. I want to plot teh values of z in a grid of x,y with an increment 0.1 for both x and y.
For example, zone 1 (-131.0 to -130.9, 45.0-45.1) include the z-values for this region and so on.
Data is presented as below:

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 10 Sep 2020
Edited: Ameer Hamza on 10 Sep 2020
For example,
X = %[85000x1] vector
Y = %[85000x1] vector
Z = %[85000x1] vector
[xq, yq] = meshgrid(-129:0.1:-131, 45:0.1:47);
zq = griddata(X, Y, Z, xq, yq);
surf(xq, yq, zq);
aa on 10 Sep 2020
unfortunatly, i did not find anything like this, but let me calculate the whole data thenI will back to you

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