m-file to find elements (text) in an alloy

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I need a MATLAB m-file to find elements and their ratio in an alloy. The input and output are shown in the below table:
For example input is ‘Al0.1Co0.25Cu14’ then the code gives output:
If there is any other information you need let me know.
M. Vaghari

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 7 Sep 2020
>> str = 'Al0.1Co0.25Cu14AaBb';
>> [mat,spl] = regexp(str,'[A-Z][a-z]*','match','split');
>> vec = str2double(spl(2:end));
>> vec(isnan(vec)) = 1
vec =
0.1000 0.2500 14.0000 1.0000 1.0000
>> mat
mat =
'Al' 'Co' 'Cu' 'Aa' 'Bb'
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Majid Vaghari
Majid Vaghari on 7 Sep 2020
Thanks a lot!
It's work!
thank you Mr. Stephen Cobeldick

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