Calculate Dew point Channel 1120609

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Marcio Lopes
Marcio Lopes on 23 Aug 2020
Commented: Marcio Lopes on 25 Aug 2020
Hi there! My channel is 1120609 and I made the dew point calculate but it’s working only a few minutes. How can I make this to work all the time?
Marcio Lopes
Marcio Lopes on 24 Aug 2020
Hi John, I typed the code below and I ask for help. It's not working all the time.

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Answers (1)

Vinod on 23 Aug 2020
Can you share your MATLAB code that is doing the dew-point calculation on ThingSpeak? Remember to redact or replace your channel's API keys in the code snippet with a placeholder like "XXXXX".
Marcio Lopes
Marcio Lopes on 25 Aug 2020
Thank you Vinod. Now it's working very well.
Thanks a lot.

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