how to create num2str in a variable

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H-M on 23 Aug 2020
Commented: Stephen23 on 23 Aug 2020
How can I write the left hand side's expresion using num2str instead of f2 to avoid changing them every time when I change the f2 to another value?
your help is apreciated.
X1_f2_Y1 = Z1p;
X2_f2_Y2 = Z2p;
X3_f2_Y3 = Z3p;
X4_f2_Y4 = Z4p;
and also how it works if these expresions are used in save command?
save('E:\myfiles\data.mat','X1_f2_Y1 = Z1p');

Answers (2)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 23 Aug 2020
Can you do this? Yes.
Should you do this? Generally we recommend against it.

KSSV on 23 Aug 2020
Edited: KSSV on 23 Aug 2020
str = ['X',num2str(1),'_f',num2str(2),'_Y',num2str(1),' = Z1',num2str(1),'p']


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