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Does anyone know how to model random noise of a transistor in simulink please? Cant find much info online so any help would be appreciated thanks!

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Emily McLean
Emily McLean on 19 Aug 2020
Commented: Emily McLean on 26 Aug 2020
I am currently looking at using the RF blockset so maybe that would be of use but I am not 100% sure.


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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 24 Aug 2020
Hi Emily,
RF blockset has specific RF blocks which has the required noise modelling. In other words, they do not have component level or device level models.
Explicit way for modelling the thermal noise of a resistor is shown in this document with an example where the current model is used to generate a noise current which is connected in parallel to the resistor. Refer to the documentation of the Noise block for more details.
The noise models for transistors can be implemented similarly by using the noise blocks for noise simulation of ideal transistors if required.
Kiran Felix Robert


Emily McLean
Emily McLean on 26 Aug 2020
Hi Kiran,
I have had a look at that document which looks great, I am just struggling to use the transistor and noise block together is there any documentaiton about this, thanks.

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