Time windows and time shift in an array of data

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aa on 15 Aug 2020
Commented: aa on 15 Aug 2020
I have an array of data [1:120] and want to calculate sum of the elements in diffrent time windows and diffrent time shifts. For example, in case of 1 hour shift we have different time windows. [1,1], [1,2],[1,3],[1,4]..... [1,120] (here first element represent the tiem shift and second represent the length of time window).
the output (u) will be used in the formula
here r is fixed (say r=0.3333), std is fixed (say std=0.54644) dt is vary with the length of time winodw if length is 1 then dt=1 and so on.
May someone help me here...
Thank you
aa on 15 Aug 2020
both are almost same but earlier answer not work

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