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Is there any existing POMDP library/function in MATLAB?

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I am looking for an existing Partially Observable MDP (POMDP) library/function that implements a simple POMDP problem using, let's say, Enumeration algorithm. Basically, I have developed my own algorithm for the pruning stage of solving POMDP, and thus need an existing library where I can replace the pruning part with my own pruning algorithm. I have tried writing my own code to do that for a POMDP problem (Tiger-problem) but somehow does not match the results that I found using existing POMDP structures in Julia and R. I have attached the codes I have written (I haven't attached my pruning algorithm though for obvious reasons).
Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
FYI: My pruning algorithm works perfectly because I have verified the algorithm using random alpha vectors.

Accepted Answer

Paul Fackler
Paul Fackler on 3 Nov 2020
My Matlab based toolbox MDPSolve has several POMDP solvers. pomdp solves using discretization of the belief states, pomdpsolve uses an alpha vector approach.

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