Send GPIO Status to Thingspeak (Lamp Indicator Widget)

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I have an Raspberry Pi Zero W that controlls the status of my Pool. I want to send the Pumpstatus (On/Off) to my Thingspeak-Channel and use the Lamp Indicator Widget to visualize the Status of the Poolpump but I could not find an exampel Python-Script how to send the GPIO Status (High, Low). When the Pump is on an Opptokoppler sends 3,3V to GPIO-Pin (BCM) 24 for the High-Signal. I know how to Setup the Thingspeak-Channel and the Widget but i do not know how to write the Python-Script for sending the GPIO-Status to Thingspeak. Maybe someone can help me. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Vinod on 24 Jul 2020
Take a look at this example. You can modify it to show your pump status instead of CPU percent utilization quite easily.


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