MATLAB Analysis Code window does not allow editing in Firefox 77.0.1

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Firefox 77.0.1 does not allow editing in code window but Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116 works OK
Make a MATLAB Analysis to Send Email
  1. First get your ThingSpeak Alerts API key from the Account > My Profile The alerts API key will start with ‘TAK’.
  2. Create a new MATLAB analysis at Apps > MATLAB Analysis. Click the New button on the top. Choose the blank template and with this code. alert_body = 'This is the text that will be emailed';
alert_subject = 'This will be the subject of the email';
alert_api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY_FROM_STEP_1';
alert_url= "";
jsonmessage = sprintf(['{"subject": "%s", "body": "%s"}'], alert_subject,alert_body);
options = weboptions("HeaderFields", {'Thingspeak-Alerts-API-Key', alert_api_key; 'Content-Type','application/json'});
result = webwrite(alert_url, jsonmessage, options);
  1. Adjust the alert body, subject and API key.

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Vinod on 26 Jun 2020
I just tried Firefox 77.0.1 and I don't have this problem. I suspect it is one of your plugins/extensions that is interfering with MATLAB Code window.
If you disable all your Firefox plugins, or try this in a Firefox Private Window (where plugins are disabled), do you still see this behavior?

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