Reading and ploting a notepad txt file on Matlab

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I am trying to get the my data read through Matlab and then plot it. but with my code using fscanf and/or textscan the file is being read as one array and taking the data one by one as a character which makes it impossible to plot. It's like each char/integer is an's how my data looks like:
Time Volt Chan 1 chan 2 chan 3 chan 4 chan 5 chan 6 chan7
3333.222 222.33 0.2334 0.3444 0.2233 0.4455 -0.733 0.3333 0.123
3333.222 0.2323 0.4566 0.3456 0.2453 0.4563 -0.753 0.2356 0.233
I want to plot the time data Versus the volts and the other channels separately. Can Anyone help? I know the data looks wrong on here but There's two set of data for each channels.
Mini Me
Mini Me on 26 Nov 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 14 Mar 2017
i use that general form:
filename=input('input filename','%s')
array=fscanf(fid,%e%c, [,inf]
and then plot. but I can never get it to read the file right and keep in mind that these are not the acual arguments inside the functions.

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Answers (4)

moulay on 25 Nov 2012
save the data as .txt data. with the load function load filname.txt. befor you do this, you shold comment the title line (the first line. (strg+r)).
now you do this:
% load filename.txt
and so on.....

Mini Me
Mini Me on 26 Nov 2012
That did not work at all because the file is tab delimited. and I want to plot the time column to the volt column and so on..

Mini Me
Mini Me on 26 Nov 2012
And how do you comment the first line, because before i took the first line out by using fget(fid) is there another way with your code
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moulay on 26 Nov 2012
do you have just one file to open?
Comment a line: put at the begining of the line %

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Mini Me
Mini Me on 27 Nov 2012
Never mind I fixed it. Thanks for the help but I went with a different approach
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Vanessa Wen
Vanessa Wen on 22 May 2014
May I know your approach as I face the same problem as you.

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