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Speed and Refractive index of signal propegation

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Would you please help me matlab function to calculate the speed and refractive index of the signal propagation at building?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 29 May 2020
What have you done so far to solve this?
What are the formulas to compute the outputs you're asking about?
You do most of the work and we can help you where you get stuck.

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Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav on 2 Jun 2020
Propagation of signals depend upon a lot of factors, refer to the following documentation. However the refractive index of a building depends on the material its made from and also the entire refractive index of medium (channel and building) changes with time and space (ex a person just one wall behind direct line of sight moves to another room 2 walls behind, or environment chnages from sunny to rainy etc). So as Adam mentioned you need to provide us with some work of yours based on which we can help you.


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