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Is MATLAB compatible with "Windows 10 Pro for workstations"?

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Hi everyone,
I'm buying a new workstation with a Intel® Xeon Processor W-2235, hexa-core, 3,8 GHz, 4,6 GHz Turbo, HT, 8,25 MB (130 W), DDR4 a 2.933 MHz.
The OS is Windows 10 Pro for workstations to handle CPU with more than 4 cores.
I was wandering if MATLAB is compatible with this version of Win10.
Thank you,

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Rik on 25 May 2020
I don't believe this is one of those reduced-feature versions of Windows 10, so there shouldn't be an issue.
Just a note: all versions of Windows 10 are able to handle CPUs with more than 4 cores (with the possible exception of those trimmed down versions).

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