Cannot open DICOM file

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Marcus Glover
Marcus Glover on 8 May 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 12 May 2020
I have DICOM files that come from a Philips MR scanner that I cannot seem to open properly using dicomread or dicomreadVolume. I can open other DICOM files from different scanners with no issue. I have attached an example here of a file that will not open. There is image data there, as I can view this file on my PACS system and it has a larger filesize than a typical single slice image. The entire series of ~9 images is apparently included in ths one file, which makes me believe it is an enhanced DICOM file. Most other MR scanners give me one slice per DICOM file and those open with dicomread no problem.
dicomread does not give an error, but gives an empty matrix. isdicom shows true, and dicominfo successfully opens the header. dicomreadVolume does give an error- Input must have more than one image slice.
Is there another way that would be able to open this image data?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2020
The private dicom dictionary name for the above is info.MRBlobDataObjectArray.Item_4.MRBlobData

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Answers (1)

drummer on 8 May 2020
If dicomread didn't show any errors, try this after reading them again:
imshow(yourDicom, 'DisplayRange', []);
I did not open your file, so be careful to load a slice where you know there´s anatomy.
Check if your retrieve from your PACS worked, as Walter Robson mentioned there´s no image in your file.
Good luck
drummer on 12 May 2020
I´m aware of the issue. That´s why I mentioned 'In another topic'.

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